Initial Consignment Instruction

First of all, we would like to thank you for considering the use of our service.
Consigning with Initial is very simple, you are only a couple of steps away.

1. Create Account

2. Create Ticket

3. Ship/Drop-Off

4. Easy Returns

Detailed Instructions

  1. Create your consignor portal/account (
    • Must use a different email than your shopper account.
    • Must provide your legal name (do NOT put space in First and Last name).
    • Must provide your mailable address.
    • PayPal and Check are the only available payment methods (only pick one).
  2. Create drop-off ticket
    • Simply type the item style code/SKU in the search bar.
    • Initial is NOT accepting any USED items.
    • Double-check all items’ condition, listing price, and listing quality before submitting.
    • Print the ticket from your email. The Ticket MUST be included with your drop-off.
  3. Ship/Drop-Off
    • Ship-in (Initial LLC, 2450 Grand Blvd Ste 205, Kansas City MO 64108)
      • The tracking number must be attached under each ship-in item.
      • One ticket per shipping box (Ticket must be in the corresponding box)
      • Initial LLC is not liable for any missing/lost shipments without signature confirmation.
      • We encourage you to purchase insurance on all shipments.
    • Drop-off
      • Please use the drop-off location next to our sales floor.
  4. Return
    • For any reason, if we decided to return your items or you would like to request an item back. Please email your request to us at You will be responsible for any return cost. If you wish to pick up in-store. We can put your return items on our return shelf for no longer than 60 days.